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The Mouthwatering Confection Created in 1959 by Chicago Master Candy Maker Elmo Lanzi

Now Lovingly Recreated by Chicago Candy Works with the Finest Natural Ingredients

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Cashew Nut & Rice Crunch



About Lanzi's

Back in 1959 when Master Candy Maker Elmo Lanzi made his first batch of Cashew Nut & Rice Crunch for a family picnic in suburban Chicago, he had already retired after 40 some years in the candy business. But, fortunately for candy lovers everywhere, Elmo was “just no good at retiring.”

At its peak, Lanzi’s was sold in department stores across the country and was selected three times by Manufacturing Confectioner magazine as Candy of the Year. Sadly, Elmo’s prized crunch began to disappear from store shelves in the early 80's following his passing and the shuttering of the family’s storefront factory. 

Today, Chicago Candy Works has carefully recreated the Cashew Nut & Rice Crunch using the finest natural ingredients. The modern version continues to be made in the Lanzi tradition with as much handwork as the original, only now by artisan candy makers who pay affectionate homage to The Master with their small-batch crafting. We hope that Elmo is smiling!

Shelf Life

The Story of Lanzi Candy

Shelf Life: The Story of Lanzi Candy uses the fascinating world of candy making as a jumping-off point to examine the deeper, universal issues of family legacies and succession, business consolidation, immigration, and the American Dream.

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